Andrews Family Public Records

The Andrews Tree

1650 – 1950
Historical Genealogy – 300 Years
300 Years at a Glance

1920 – 2020
Contemporary Tree – 100 Years
100 Years at a Glance

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These pages are registered and maintained by Robert Bruce Andrews, Son of Dan Harrison, Son of John Harrison, Son of Albert, Leonard, Charles, Richard and Charles.

The Pemberton Tree

1720 – 2020
Pemberton Genealogical Tree – 300 Years

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Contributors to this project so far are:
• Jean Atkinson Andrews, certified Geneaologist, wife of Ronald Andrews GGGG GS of Charles Andrews
• Daniel C Andrews
• Bob Andrews from Okemos, Michigan
• Webmaster: Robert Andrews from Phoenix, Arizona.

Other major one-time contributors:
• Nancy (Nussbaum) Andrews, wife of late Roger Andrews
• Richard Andrews, brother of Roger Andrews
• Loretta Andrews, wife of Dan H. Andrews
• Marilyn Shackelford Van Scoy

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View Mom’s Scrapbook
This is the scrapbook of Loretta Pemberton Andrews, wife of Dan Harrison Andrews. There are some other family branches included, but it is mostly our immediate family.

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  1. My Gma was Faye Pauline Myers….she had 3 sisters( Verna, Ruth & I think Marguerite & 1 brother John……. My father is Ralph Levi Shackelford ( his mother -Faye). Hoping you can help me with the family tree of ours…. My Gma b’day was Feb 12 1892. She married Harold Eugene Shackelford….my brother is named after him… I am retired now so I have more time to work on our family tree if you will help me please.

    1. Marilyn,
      I am retired too, but busier than ever! Don’t know when I had time to work. YES, those are names with which I am familiar. Fay Myers was MY grandma’s sister. I would love to work with you, but time is a premium, so it may be some time. I have photos that I will gladly share as well. Here are a few links that may help until we can get together.

      1. Could only bring up one pic of my Gma Faye that I already have….
        Could not see other pics!!??

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